Fungus Gnat Seeka, powered by BASF technology, is based on the beneficial nematode Steinernema Feltiae. It provides control of Fungus Gnat Larvae (Sciaridae spp. or more commonly known as Sciarid Fly) as well as Western Flower Thrips.



Application advice

Advised application method

Drench application: preferred method, especially where crop canopy is dense.


  • Agitate nematodes constantly during application
  • Do not use product if past expiry date or incorrectly stored
  • For information relating to which chemicals are compatible with Vine Weevil Seeka ask your distributor

Did you know?

Fungus Gnat Seeka can also protect your crops against Western Flower Thrips when applied as a foliar spray. Please ask your Technical Area Sales Manager for more details.

Product Profile

Active ingredients

Nematodes: species Steinernema Feltiae


Varies on pot volume (please see label)


Varies on volume (please see label)

Target pests

Fungus Gnat Larvae (Sciaridae spp.) and Western Flower Thrips

Soil temperature

Between 10oC and 30oC

Application window

When fungus gnat or western thrower thrips are present


Fungus gnat (Sciaridae spp.) life cycle



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