Exemptor is the only systemic insecticide for the control of black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) and other major soil and foliar pests in container-grown ornamentals – both under protection and outside.


Benefits of using Exemptor®

Exemptor has a broad spectrum of activity against sucking and chewing insects including aphids, glasshouse whitefly, black vine weevil, leaf beetle and sciarid fly. Also Exemptor is not effected by temperature so it provides you with all year round control.

Trials show that most plants grown in growing media treated with Exemptor are protected for the entire production cycle. This protection can extend into the distribution chain to the benefit of the retailers and end user.

Exemptor controls all of these pests once incorporated with one application into your growing media


An Advanced Solution for your growing media

Exemptor is used as a growing media-incorporation treatment in the raising of all ornamental plants in containers.

  • Protects crops which are prone to vine weevil attack
  • Where spraying or drenching is difficult, unwelcome, undesirable or ineffective
  • For protecting crops from potting to sale
  • Where pesticide resistance to other products has been experienced
  • Where the absence of foliar pests or damage is essential at the point of sale
  • For growers wishing to provide the highest quality plants and after-sale service whilst giving protection from foliar pest build-up

Particular market sectors that will benefit from Exemptor use are:

  • Container-grown nursery stock (including hardy perennials)
  • Pot plants e.g. cyclamen, fuchsia, geranium, pot chrysanthemums and poinsettia
  • Bedding plants (especially pot bedding)
  • Hanging baskets
  • Also for containerised stock plants

Exemptor® Rates of use

300g or 400g product per cubic metre of growing media dependant on crop.

The active ingredient in Exemptor is thiacloprid.


“Here at Howard Nurseries Ltd. we are very pleased with Exemptor and happy with the control it provides in that we have not had any issues with vine weevil, aphids and leaf beetles; the product is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

As a result our plants are now even more healthy and vigorous than ever before.”

Gavin Erith, Container Manager,
Howard Nurseries Ltd

Rates of use





Vine Weevil

Ornamental plants

300g per m3 growing media

Up to 17 weeks

Vine Weevil

Ornamental plants

400g per m3 growing media

Up to 38 weeks

Glasshouse Whitefly

Ornamental plants

300g per m3 growing media

Up to 10 weeks


Ornamental plants

300g per m3 growing media

Up to 17 weeks

Leaf Beatles

Ornamental plants

300g per m3 growing media

Up to 8 weeks

Sciarid Fly

Ornamental plants

300g per m3 growing media

Up to 6 weeks


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Environmental Information Sheet Exemptor®

Exemptor is a granular systemic and protectant insecticide specifically formulated to be incorporated into compost; it contains 10 % w/w Thiacloprid. Exemptor controls black vine weevil, sciarid flies, glasshouse whiteflies, aphids and leaf beetles on ornamental plants and hardy nursery stock (outdoor and protected).

Maximum individual application rate

400g product per cubic metre of peat based growing media

Maximum number of treatments

1 per annum



1. WILDLIFE Mammals & Birds

Exemptor is not classified as ‘Harmful to game and wildlife’. No risk management is necessary to protect mammals and birds. Exemptor is of low toxicity to mammals and of moderate toxicity to birds. To protect birds the product must be entirely incorporated in the compost. To protect birds remove spillages.


No risk management necessary. The active substance within Exemptor is of low toxicity to bees. There is no requirement to avoid application of Exemptor when bees may be foraging on flowering weeds.


Exemptor is classified as “VERY TOXIC TO AQUATIC ORGANISMS, MAY CAUSE LONG-TERM ADVERSE EFFECTS IN THE AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT”. However no specific risk management is necessary when the product is used according to label instructions since exposure of aquatic species will limited. Do not contaminate water with the product or its container. Do not clean application equipment near surface water. Avoid contamination via drains from yards and roads. Thiacloprid is very toxic to some sediment dwelling organisms and aquatic invertebrates and moderately toxic to fish and algae. However, no risk management is necessary. When used according to the label instructions there will not be sufficient contamination of water to present a risk to aquatic life. Exemptor must only be used incorporated into compost, therefore the LERAP spray application scheme is not applicable to its use.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product information including warning phrases and symbols refer to www.escience.bayercropscience.co.uk

Care must be taken to minimise the risk of surface water contamination from farmyard and field sources. For further information about the environmental profile of this product contact:
Bayer Environmental Science, 230 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0WB.

Bayer Environmental Science: 0080012149451 Exemptor® is a registered trademark of Bayer.
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